Valka Local History Museum will resume work on May 15

Implementing the joint informational campaign of the Latvian museums #TiekamiesTagad, the Valka Local History Museum will resume its work on May 15. This will be done in accordance with the sanitary protocol developed for the museum industry.


Working hours of Valka Local History Museum starting from May 15 until October 1:
Tue-Fri: 11:00-18:00
Sat-Sun: 10:00-16:00


Visitors are asked to visit the museum only if they have no symptoms of illness.
The museum visitors must keep 2m distance from others, except those living in the same household.


It will be possible to disinfect or wash your hands.


We ask visitors to be understanding if any of the touch-sensitive informative surfaces is not available at the time for safety reasons.


Everyone is asked to follow the museum's guidelines for the maximum number of people allowed on the premises and to respond to directions given by the museum’s staff.


For the convenience of visitors, bright yellow uniform design and information materials will be placed, designed to assist in meeting the requirements of the national sanitary protocol.


Most up-to-date information:
about Latvian museums - on the common platform https://muzeji.lv/

on the current events in Valka Local History Museum http://muzejs.valka.lv/


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