Ērģeme parish

Ērģeme parish

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“Pūcītes” Ērģeme parish,
Valka district,

Pēteris Pētersons



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Territory: 179 km2

Population: 941 (01.01.2013.)

Largest populated places: Ērģeme, Omuļi, Turna

The coat of arms of Ērģeme parish:

Heraldic description – Split from the left side with a silver threadover: red and green; on the top an opened silver helmet.

Geographical position

Ērģeme parish is located in the North-East part of Valka district – has a border with the Republic of Estonia. The nearest town is Valka – 13 km. An auto route Valka-Rujiena passes through the parish. A 24 km long river named Rikanda, the tributary of Seda’s right shore, flows through Ērģeme parish. Here are large arrays of forest (52.9% of the parish territory are forests). A group of lakes has formed in Turna – Valdis, Kukris, Vircelis, Rūķa and other lakes. The largest ones in Ērģeme are Bērzezers next to the auto route Valka-Pedele-Ērģeme and Kurelis next to the auto route Valka-Rujiena. The Ērģeme parish was formed at the end of the 14th century.

Cultural and natural objects

Ērģeme ruins, built during Livonia era (14th century, mentioned in writings as year 1323) are located in the center of Ērģeme, these ruins are a significant republic level history and archaeological monument. Garais kalns (The long hill) is a significant local level archaeological monument.

Cultural-historical objects: congregation school house built in year 1880 together with the school extension built in year 1964. Red army’s cemetery is located in Turna.

A brother’s cemetery dedicated to the fallen Estonians in Freedom fight in year 1919 and the Northern Latvian army fighters is located in Ērģeme cemetery. Also a famous writer Vija Upmale (there is a memorial room in the school dedicated to her) is buried in this cemetery.

Protected natural objects: Ērģeme parish is located in the territory of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. The 25 hectare big Ērģeme Park is located in the center of the parish. Protected oak stands with some great trees are located in Omuļi.