Dear entrepreneurs!

In this section it is possible to publish all information about entrepreneurship in Valka Municipality’s territory. We invite you to take this opportunity and send all necessary information about your businesses, including a short company description, contact information, logos, as well as photos and ready-made visual advertising (if you have any) to this e-mail anda[punkts]micule[uz]valka[punkts]lv so we can insert it into our website. In case of ambiguity or if there are any suggestions as to what further information would be required to include in this section, please, write to this e-mail gundega[punkts]veinberga[uz]valka[punkts]lv or call 29113378.


LLC “Valkas meliorācija”

Contact person: Jānis Biezais

Phone: 64723200

E-mail: info[uz]v-m[punkts]lv   

Webpage: http://melioracija.com/

Address: Tālava Street 70, Valka

Type of activity: Ameliorative construction, Hydraulic engineering, Forest and parish road construction, Re-cultivation of garbage dumping sites waste dumping sites, Design and construction of ameliorative and waterworks’ constructions, Peat extraction and realization, Carpentry and joinery, Transport services and Recreation complex “Mednieki”.




Contact person: Imants Šteins

Phone: +371 64707024

Fax: +371 64707025

E-mail: info[uz]pepirer[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.pepirer.lv/; http://www.provent.lv/; http://www.iglu.lv/

Address: Parka Street 25, Valka, LV-4701

Type of activity: Polyethylene foam and bubble film production; Reflective insulation production; PEPI materials for floors. ProVent multifunctional underlay, IGLU Soft Blocks multifunctional, soft and colorful forms for relaxation and creative children games.


LLC “efn NORD”

Contact person: Kristīne Simonova

Phone: 64725342

E-mail: kristine[punkts]simonova[uz]efnnord[punkts]com  

Webpage: http://www.efnnord.com

Address: Parka Street 25, Valka, LV-4701

Type of activity: passive electrical component assembly for the automobile industry.


LLC  “Enefit Power & Heat Valka”

Contact person: Nadezda Kornejeva-Krumina

Phone: 26496952; 67780590

E-mail: Nadezda[punkts]Kornejeva-Krumina[uz]enefit[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.efnnord.com

Address: Rūjiena Street 5, Valka

Type of activity: Cogeneration plant for heat and electricity.




LLC  “Servilats”

Phone: 64724543, 64707090

E-mail: servilats[uz]inbox[punkts]lv


Address: Parka Street 12, Valka

Type of activity: Meat, Smoked products, Sausages, Meat processing, trade.



LLC “Vārpas 1”


Contact person: Ivars Zalužinskis

Phone: +371 29111071;

Fax: +371 64725550

E-mail: info[uz]varpas1[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.varpas1.lv

Address: “Silkalni”, Valka parish

Type of activity: Provides logging and timber transporting services. Offers Timber drying up to 8% moisture content in wood. Drying capacity from 1000-1200 m3 per month, depending on the material thickness and the degree of drying. Performs timber planing with a four sided plane. The company is delivering its production to customers.



LLC “Prestižs”

Contact person: Vladimirs Kuncēvičs

Phone: 64781117; 29220857

E-mail: info[uz]logstar[punkts]lv  

Webpage: http://www.logstar.lv/

Address: Indrāni Street 4, Valka

Type of activity: woodworking, garden furniture, wooden doors, stairs, decorative elements from wood, timber, firewood. Log houses, log homes.



LLC “Alfa Log Houses”

Contact person: Atis Videmanis, Raimonds Videmanis

Phone: 29116127; 29116547

Fax: 64781234

E-mail: atisvid[uz]apollo[punkts]lv, raimondsv2[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.alfaloghouses.lv

Address: Ceriņi Street 9, Valka

Type of activity: Log house manufacturing, montage.



LLC “A.G.V.”

Contact person: Gunārs Vīksne

Phone: 29116034

E-mail: sia.agv2002@gmail.com  

Address: “Kalves”, Kārķi parish, Valka Municipality, LV-4716

Type of activity: Logging: cutting and delivery; transport services; excavator services.



LLC “Cellīši un Partneri”

Contact person: Agris Eglītis; Valdis Šaicāns

Phone: 29195214; 29145365

E-mail: cellishi[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Webpage: www.cellisiunpartneri.lv

Address:”Cellīši”, Vijciems parish, Valka Municipality, LV-4733

Type of activity: Production of staircases, windows, doors and furniture by customized orders.


Farm “Āres”

Contact person: Normunds Aumeisters

Phone: 26527373

E-mail: normundsaumeisters[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Āres, Ērģeme parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Woodworking, logging.



LLC “Akords 3”

Contact person: Voldis Utkins, Viktors Romans

Phone: 29486686; 26107468

E-mail: voldisutkins[uz]inbox[punkts]lvviktor-akords3[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.akords-3.lv/

Address: Meža Street 2a, Valka

Type of activity: Metalworking, metal construction and metal part production, including containers (for wood chips, scrap metal, construction and household waste), platforms to transport technique, metal doors, balcony and stair railings, metal fences, saunas, etc.


LLC “Valkas MD”

Contact person: Uģis Putniņš

Phone: 64723482

E-mail: valkasmd[uz]apollo[punkts]lv

Webpage: www.valkasmd.lv

Address: Parka Street 25, Valka

Type of activity: Metal construction and its part production (recycling containers and equipment, woodworking equipment, various orders).



“VALDRO AGRO”, LLC with foreign investments

Contact person: Māra Bondare-Petersena

Phone: 29158492

E-mail: valdroagro[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Webpage: www.valdroagro.lv

Address: Meža Street 4, Valka

Retail address: Tālava Street 66d, Valka

Type of activity: Grain growing. Production of fodder pellets. Grain drying, storage and milling. Agricultural machinery services. Wood chip pellet production. Retail.


Farm “Dambīši”

Contact person: Mārtiņš Kreilis

Phone: 29116045

E-mail: martins[punkts]kreilis[uz]valka[punkts]lv  

Address: Ērģeme parish, “Dambīši”

Type of activity:  grain and rapeseed cultivation, drying services, dryer. Woodworking, container production of container boards, sawmill services.


Farm “Auri”

Contact person: Mārtiņš Pētersons

Phone: 29100306

E-mail: martins_petersons2[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Auri, Kārķi parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Grain production - grain, buckwheat. Agricultural services - sowing, thrashing.


Farm “Jaunpuģi”

Contact person: -

Phone: 29153842

Address: Jaunpuģi, Vijciems parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Milk cattle breeding.



LLC “Valkas Būvnieks”

Contact person: Pēteris Gudrinieks

Phone: 64725555

E-mail: valkasbuvnieks[uz]apollo[punkts]lv; peterisgu2[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Viestura Street 3-1, Valka

Type of activity: Construction and repair works, Construction of residential and non-residential buildings.


LLC “Indrāni - V”

Contact person: Valērijs Fedjukovs

Phone: 27875216

Address: Indrāni Street 6, Valka

Type of activity: Construction and repair works, Construction of residential and non-residential buildings.


LLC “MJ Eirobūve”

Contact person: Mārcis Jūgs

Phone: 29493918; 27801708

E-mail:  mjeirobuve[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Tālava Street 5-21, Valka

Type of activity: Construction and repair works, Construction of residential and non-residential buildings.




LLC “Ligumss”

Contact person: Māris Stalis

Phone: 26616611; 29395560

E-mail: info[uz]ligumss[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.ligumss.lv/   

Address: “Stacija”, Valka parish

Type of activity: Automotive spare parts and accessories, car service - Inspection and repair of  suspensions; Brake maintenance and repair; Oil and filter change; Timing belt change; Change and repair of engines; Transmission gearbox change and repair; Powertrain repair; Wheel geometry inspection and adjustment; Change of auto glass, Brake test, Trailer sales, Car towing.


Farm “Ķiršlejas”

Contact person: Gundars Stalis

Phone: 29229978

E-mail: ligumss[uz]inbox[punkts]lv 

Webpage: http://www.ligumss.lv/   

Address: Meža Street 4b, Valka, LV-4701

Type of activity: Sale of used auto parts and accessories, car workshop.


LLC “Animo LTD”

Contact person: Andris Muižnieks

Phone: 64781114

Webpage: www.animoltd.lv

Address: Parka Street 21, Valka

Type of activity: all types of car workshop equipment, including car lifts, test lines (stands of brakes, shock absorber testers, wheel alignment testers and gas analyzers), oil equipment, car engine diagnostic equipment, wheel geometry alignment equipment, wheel mounting and balancing equipment, etc. Workshop equipment sales, installation and maintenance.



Contact person: Andis Ķīkulis

Phone: 64781220

Address: Valka, Vienība Avenue 5

Type of activity: Car spare parts sale, car spare parts and accessories retail.



Contact person: Andris Morozs

Phone: 29465668; 64781401

Address: Valka, Rūjiena Street 3A

Type of activity: auto parts and accessories, sale, brake diagnostics, body repair, car wash.



Contact person: Juris Krastiņš

Phone: 29208579; 64781283; 22043744

Address: Parka Street 23, Valka

Type of activity: auto scrap-heap, car spare parts, used (car) spare parts, auto parts, car body parts, running gear, motors. Scrap yard; repairs, engine diagnostics, electrical diagnostics, auto electronics.




Guest house “Otrā Elpa”

Contact person: Aivo Vārs

Phone: 64722280, 29282639

E-mail: otraelpa[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Webpage: http://www.hotel-otraelpa.com/

Address: Zvaigžņu Street 12a, Valka

Type of activity: Guest house.


Guest house “Jumis”

Phone: 64722108, 26240635

E-mail: pedelite[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Rīga Street 12a, Valka

Type of activity: Guest house.


Guest house “Māja Valkā”

Phone: 64723213

Address: Semināra Street 20, Valka

Type of activity: Guest house.


Farm “Jasmīni”

Contact person: Edmunds Juškevics

Phone: 29417661; 4740663

E-mail: edmunds[punkts]juskevics[uz]inbox[punkts]lv  

Address: Kārķi parish, “Jasmīni”

Type of activity: Holiday and other short-stay accommodation; red deer, roe deer, sheep, cows. Breed deer breeding farm.


Guest house “Ausmas”

Contact person: Ilze Leicāne; Aldis Leicāns

Phone: 29234102; 26550790

E-mail: ergeme[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Webpage: www.lainotiek.lv

Address: Ērģeme parish, “Ausmas”

Type of activity: Accommodation in guest house, organizing of entertainment events.


Farm “Dravnieki”

Contact person: Gunārs

Phone: 29479771

Address: “Dravnieki”, Vijciems, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Guest house, sports field, sauna, fish pond for fishers, swing and table games for children.


Resting place “Rozītes”

Contact person: Matīss

Phone: 20237377

E-mail: smatiss[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: “Mežrozītes”, Zvārtava parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Archery, croquet, canoe rental.


Holiday house “Upmaļi”

Contact person: Inga

Phone: 29756912

E-mail: berginga[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: “Upmaļi”, Ērģme parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Accommodation in a holiday house.


Guest house “Ezernieki”

Phone: 20213860

E-mail: romfords[uz]valm[punkts]lv

Address: Valka parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Accommodation in a guest house.



Guest house “Salaiņi”

Phone: 26374145

E-mail: pagrita[uz]inbox[punkts]lv 

Address: Zvārtava parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Accommodation in a guest house.


Recreation center “Mednieki”

Contact person: Jānis Biezais

Phone: 26543450

E-mail: info[uz]v-m[punkts]lv 

Webpage: www.medniekos.lv

Address: Zvārtava parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Accommodation, boats and catamarans, country sauna, sports field, children's playground.


Farm “Ielīcas”

Contact person: Baiba Pedraudze

Phone: 29461673

E-mail: baiba[punkts]pedraudze[uz]gmail[punkts]com  

Webpage: www.ielicas.lv

Address: “Ielīcas”, Vijciems parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: The current buildings were built during the 18th century second part till the 19th century’s end, but has kept culturally and historically much older elements. Camping, accommodation, event organization.


Country house “Arāji”

Phone: 29478340, 64725555

E-mail: valkasbuvnieks[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Ērģeme parish, Valka Municipality

Type of activity: Accommodation in a holiday house, sauna, excursions with ATV’s, volleyball, fishing.




Contact person: S.Glakina

Phone: 29777129

Address: Dome Avenue 16, Valka

Type of activity: Clothe manufacturing, except fur apparel. Other clothe and clothe accessories manufacturing.


LLC “Varikon”

Contact person: Mareks Smans

Phone: 28343161; 26526107

E-mail:  marekssmans[uz]inbox[punkts]lv  

Address: Dārza Street 4, Valka

Type of activity: Electrical installations.


LLC “Valkas Elektrons”

Phone: 64723778

E-mail:  remontetajs[uz]inbox[punkts]lv  

Address: Rīga Street 24, Valka

Type of activity: TV repair, cable television services.


SIA "Halitic"


Contact person: Tero Kärkkäinen 

Phone:  +371 24 97 97 22

E-mail:  halitic[uz]halitic[punkts]eu

Webpage: http://halitic.eu

Adress:  Rīgas Street 22, LV-4701, Valka

Type of activity:  Halitic is a company specialised in electronics design that offers its extensive expertise both for new companies that are just starting out and for companies that have already established their position. We have several years of experience in designing electronics for various needs. We have designed products and technical solutions to be used world-wide by the automotive, pharmaceutical and process automation industries, to name just a few. Our designers have been gaining practical design experience since the early 1990s. This wealth of experience has enabled many of our clients to go on to achieve their own international success stories with their top-quality products



LLC “Elēģija Vīle”

Address: Parka Street 25, Valka

Type of activity: Sewing services.



Phone: 29462290

Address: Parka Street 25, Valka

Type of activity: Sewing services.



Contact person: Mikus Piečis

Phone: 28608881

E-mail: mitech[uz]inbox[punkts]lv  

Address: Kraujas 1, Kārķi parish,

Type of activity: Construction of water and sewer systems, excavator services.


LLC “Minty”

Contact person: Ance Empele-Andrējeva, Kristīne Valtiņa

Phone: +371 26436525; +371 26676169; +372 53760910

E-mail: info[uz]minty[punkts]lv  

Address: Semināra Street 21, Valka

Type of activity: Advertising agency, printing and design services.


LLC “Valkas Gaisma”

Contact person: Guntis Miglavs

Phone: 29952510

E-mail:  valkasgaisma[uz]inbox[punkts]lv  

Address: Raiņa Street 12-13, Valka

Type of activity: Electrical installations.



Contact person: Rinalds Klaips

Phone: 28447600

E-mail:  sia[punkts]frk[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Address: Cimze Street 29, Valka, LV-4701

Type of activity: Security and fire protection, video surveillance, control system installation.



Culinary shop - bistro “Jumis”

Phone: 64722108

E-mail:  pedelite[uz]inbox[punkts]lv  

Address: Rīga Street 12a, Valka


Café “MEGO”

Phone: 67854199

E-mail:  valka[punkts]ausekla54[uz]mego[punkts]lv   

Address: Ausekļa Street 54, Valka


Café “Rozmarīns MD”

Phone: 29114347

E-mail:  servilats[uz]inbox[punkts]lv   

Address: Rūjiena Street 31, Valka


Café “Līra”

Phone: 27335579

E-mail:  lira[punkts]valka[uz]gmail[punkts]com

Address: “Stacija”, Valka parish