Welcome to Valka Municipality!


Valka and Valga is a unique place to develop your business. By combining resources from both countries there is a great potential to succeed. Labor availability, infrastructure – these important sources can always be shared between Valka and Valga and therefore provide you a competitive advantage.


Our investment in education, culture and sports life has proven that Valka and Valga is a perfect place to live. Our location in the crossroads of main motorways and railway network of European significance is another competitive advantage for your business.


We ensure that all questions related to business development in our region will be sorted out excluding extra bureaucracy, delays but vice versa – fast and flexible. There is a safe environment for investment and this has been proven also by existing entrepreneurs who have been working with us already for several years.


See you soon!


Vents Armands Krauklis

Mayor of Valka Municipality Council