Be good at sport Short

Title of the project, No. Be good at sport through three countries, ELRII-227
Programme Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument 2007-2013Priority III:Promotion of people to people cooperation Measure3.2 Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and health.
Project duration 15.04.2013  -14.10.2014 signed Grant Contract 12.04.2013
Project Applicant (Lead partner) Valga Town Government (Estonia)
Project partner Valka Municipality Council Administration of municipal formation “Novoedevyatkinskoe selskoe poselenie” (Russia)
Project overall objective To encourage the co-operation of sports teams between Valka (Latvia), Valga (Estonia) and Novodevyatkino (Russia) municipal volleyball, football teams.
Specific objectives Specific objective


  • To organize international sports competitions in volleyball, floorball and football in Valga, Valka and  Novoe Devyatkino;
  • To improve floorball, volleyball and football resource basis by acquiring sports equipment and uniforms;
  • To organize training of floorball in Valka for Novodevjatkono  by drawing in experts fromLatviaandEstonia;
  • Acquisition and distribution of good practice (kick-off and final conferences, brochures, press releases in newspapers and web pages).
Expected results   Improvement of the sports team resource basis:1 Floorball rinks provided (certified, 40 m x20 m) which fulfill the requirements for organizing international competitions inLV;17LVfloorball uniforms and goalkeeper equipment bought for teams;25 football uniforms and boots provided to EE, LV, RU teams;15 volleyball uniforms for EE, LV, RU teams;Sports equipment supplied for all involved sports teams (floorball, volleyball and football balls, floorball sticks).


Organization of 6 international competitions in volleyball, football and floorball:

2 competitions in volleyball in Estonia and Russia,

2 competitions in floorball in Latvia and Russia, 2 competitions in football in Estonia-Latvia and Russia.

Brochures published in 4 languages (200 in Latvian, 200 in Estonian, 200 in Russian, 600 in English) with information about promotion of healthy lifestyle, sports activities in partner municipalities and project results.

Total Project budget 220000 EUR, Valka Municipality – 68000 EUR
ENPI co-finacing 90 % or 198000 EUR, 61200 EUR – Valka Municipality
Partners contribution in cash 10 % or 22000 EUR, 3400 EUR Valka Municipality and 3400 EUR Latvia state financing
Project manager Gunta Smane Head of Planning and Development department Mob. +37126463408T.+371 64707478e-mail: gunta[punkts]smane[uz]valka[punkts]lv