Welcoming Entrepreneurs to Valka Municipality

The time of pandemic causes to re-evaluate a lot of things, it creates not only problems but also opportunities. We invite you to seize the moment and expand or start your own business in Valka region.


We are located on the A3 state road, along which the flow of transit and tourists grows every year. We have a railway and Valka / Valga is home to about 20,000 people. Valka has become a popular destination for shopping and services among Estonians, Finns, Russians, etc.


It means that for a successful business here, the focus must not only be placed on Latvian customers and workforce, but from the very beginning the business model has to be built in a way that would attract the customers from neighbouring countries and if needed – also the workforce.


If this is taken into account - success is guaranteed because rents for premises and land, property prices are still much lower than in other cities of similar size.


Furthermore, it is possible to receive municipal apartments if you need to attract specialists from elsewhere.




In 2019, a manufacturing building built by Valka Municipality was opened in Valka, Varoņu Street 39A, and leased to SIA "PEPI RER".


Valka has ready-made premises of various sizes for manufacturing (owned by both the municipality and the private sector), we are also ready to develop joint projects and get involved in the development of new production areas. We can promise maximum municipal support, a speedy decision making.


At the moment, we are especially looking forward to a wood charcoal manufacturer (there is an area prepared for this purpose that meets the highest requirements) and a manufacturer who needs knowledgeable staff accustomed to working with high precision (electronics, components, electrical appliances, etc. of a similar profile).


It is possible to create special training programs for employees and there are apartments available for specialists.




There is a shortage of hotels in Valka / Valga with at least 40 rooms. This hinders both organizing events and working with large travel companies. For this purpose, we offer both historic buildings and plots of land.


We are convinced that a hotel with SPA would be a successful business project.


Commerce and catering


The municipality owns several plots of land along the A3 state road, where to develop commerce that would be of great relevance not only to locals but also to Estonians and Finns. There is also a lack of fast food places on the side of the A3 road in Valka.


In the industrial zone (also on the side of the A3 road) we are looking for a businessman who would open a grocery store and a catering place. This project guarantees income from companies that want their employees to have a hot meal, while the grocery store in this neighborhood would have no competition.


Valka has become a popular shopping destination for Estonians and other foreign guests. Even on a daily basis, foreign customers rush to take advantage of the favourable prices of Latvian traders.


Various business areas


Valka is an ideal place for a call centre, because we have quite a lot of educated people (former employees of state institutions, banks, etc.). It is common here for people to speak 2-3 languages.


For an IT company, we are ready to prepare premises that would meet the exact need of the business.


In the new Valka / Valga centre we are waiting for entrepreneurs who are ready to work not only with local residents, but also to create an offer for tourists.


I will mention free or semi-free areas with little to no competition:

  • Photo salon, photo, framing workshop;

(There will be several original objects in the new Valka / Valga center, where tourists would definitely like to immortalize themselves and buy either photos or souvenirs with their own image, such as souvenir passports)

  • TV, satellite TV, etc. technology workshop - shop;
  •  Saw, garden tractos, lawn mower - robot, etc. similar goods - repair shop, shop;
  • Shoe store, where it would also be possible to repair shoes;
  • Bailiff;
  • Sworn auditor;
  • A legal consulting firm, especially if you could provide advice regarding both Latvia and Estonia;
  • Small printing house, screen printing, advertising company;
  • Blacksmith workshop;
  • Pottery workshop;
  • Art salon;
  • Antique store;
  • Travel agency, especially with a focus on Estonia, Finland, Scandinavia;
  • Cheese factory;
  • Fish farming, drying;
  • A real estate company that would be able to operate in both Valka and Valga, especially in the rental apartment segment;
  • A publishing house that would focus on Latvian-Estonian literature, cultural information exchange, etc. (also for TV programs - there is a studio, portal);
  • Tattoo parlour;
  • A restaurant that can also accommodate large groups of tourists;
  • Sports bar;
  • Modern gym.


Estonians, Finns and visitors from other countries crowd the market square to buy local seedlings or take advantage of the alcohol excise tax difference.


It is also worth considering expanding your activities on the Estonian side. There are a lot of vacant commercial spaces available in Valga and free consultations can be obtained from the Valga County Development Agency. I invite you to write to me by e-mail: vents.krauklis@valka.lv. I personally or a relevant specialist will contact you and provide both information and, if necessary, advice or help!


We are waiting for you in Valka / Valga. If not immediately as entrepreneurs, then be sure to come visit us and see the above opportunities or just enjoy our unique city in two countries.

Vents Armands Krauklis,
Chairman of Valka Municipality Council

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