The construction works in new common heart of Valga-Valka will be completed as planned


On August 11th, the concrete deck slab of the new pedestrian bridge was placed on the Valga-Valka common central square. It took a total of 14 cubic meters of concrete.


Another stage in the completion of the public urban space was acknowledged by Valga rural municipality mayor Ester Karuse and Valka parish council chairman Vents Armands Krauklis.


AS TREV-2 Grupp project managers shared explanations about the further construction works to be carried out within the framework of the Valga-Valka twin city center development project.


The new public urban space, which will visually integrate Valga and Valka, should be completed according to the schedule as the construction works are proceeding according to plan.


The total cost of the Valga-Valka Twin Town Center project is 5 303 109.34 EUR. The budget of the Valga Municipality Government is 2 118 766.33 EUR, of which the support of the Estonia-Latvia programme is 1 488 710.40 EUR. The budget of the Valka Municipality Council is 3 184 343.01 EUR, of which the grant from Estonia-Latvia programme is 1 511 289.19 EUR and the grant from the state budget of Latvia is EUR 88 899.36.


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Topošā Valgas – Valkas pilsētas dvīņu centra gājēju tiltam uzsākti betonēšanas darbi (I.Leitis)
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