The construction works of the Valga-Valka twin town centre continues despite the emergency situation


Construction works of Valga-Valka Twin Town Centre began in the 16th of March. During the construction works will be renewed and developed a new common public city space, covering the central area of both cities and the pedestrian street which connects two towns. The aim is to create a cozy and unique public space for the city's residents and visitors.


The construction works will be carried out within the framework of the Valga-Valka Twin Town Centre Development project, which is supported by the Estonia-Latvia program. The total cost of the project is approximately 5.3 million euros, of which the support of the Estonia-Latvia program is approximately 3 million euros. The total cost of the construction works is approximately 4.5 million euros (approx. 2.53 million in Valka and approx. 1.94 million in Valga). Construction work is performed by AS Trev-2 Grupp.


AS Trev-2 Grupp has so far, demolished the old buildings, doing milling works and carried out excavation works. Currently they are doing pipeline and electrical works both in Valga and Valka. In the words of Marko Rentik, the object manager of AS TREV-2 Grupp, the construction work has gone well so far and the work is on schedule. For the builder, the situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that if there is usually one customer on the site, then now there are two customers - Valga Municipality and Valka Municipality.  In addition, there is declared the emergency situation, because of the corona virus, which imposes additional restrictions. However, the object manager sees the more positive side of the matter and points out with a small smile: “A high fence has been installed on the Valga-Valka construction site, which can only be crossed with the special permission of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. The border is guarded by the Estonian Defense League and thanks to that we also have manned guards on the site”.


Despite the emergency situation, the construction of the common heart of Valga-Valka continues at full speed and several large-scale works are ahead, such as the construction of a new pedestrian bridge on the Estonian-Latvian border, the construction of a skatepark on the Valga side, the construction of central square in Valka side, several street reconstructions and creating various playgrounds. You can keep up to date with construction work and project activities by visiting Visit ValgaValka's social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.


Due to the construction works, the traffic management of the Valga-Valka twin city has been changed. The corresponding information is available to everyone on the Valga municipality website www.valga.ee and Valka municipality website http://www.valka.lv/lv/valkas-novads-1/pasvaldiba-1/projekti-2/projekti-1/satiksmes-ierobezojumi-valgas-valkas-centra-buvdarbu-laika. The construction work will inevitably cause inconvenience, so thank you for understanding!


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