The contract for the construction of a joint city center between Valga and Valka was signed


The tripartite construction contract for the Valga-Valka Twin Town Center development project between Valga Municipality Government, Valka Municipality Council and the construction company AS TREV-2 Grupp was ceremonially signed today in Valga Town Hall.


During the project a common public space, covering both the historic downtown area and the pedestrian street in Valga-Valka will be renewed and developed. The aim is to create a cozy and unique public space for city residents and visitors. The construction works are large-scaled and include the construction of Valka central square and the creation of pedestrian streets connecting the central squares of Valga and Valka town. The pedestrian street connects two visual and symbolic landmarks - the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church on the Estonian side and the Lugaži Evangelical Lutheran Church on the Latvian side. During the construction works, light traffic roads will be built on the banks of Konnaoja as well as pedestrian bridge to cross the stream more conveniently. The works will include the renovation of street coverings, replacement and construction of new technical tracks, alteration of landscaping and the addition of new design elements and urban furniture. The surroundings of the Ramsi watermill will also be reorganized and new opportunities for leisure will be created, including the skatepark near Ramsi watermill. The planned duration of the construction works is 9 months.


The new central square in Valka, as well as the pedestrian street, should facilitate the development of small businesses and promote the return of everyday life to the historic city center. The total cost of the Valga-Valka Twin Town Center project is 5,303,109.34 EUR. The budget of the Valga Municipality is 2,118,766.33 EUR (incl. construction work of EUR 1,938,592), of which the support of the Estonia-Latvia programme is 1,488,710.40 EUR and the self-financing of the Valga Municipality is approximately 630,000 EUR. The budget project of the Valka Municipality Council is 3 184 343.01 EUR (incl. construction works 2 977 308), of which the grant from Estonia-Latvia programme is 1 511 289.19 EUR and the grant from the state budget of Latvia is EUR 88,899.36. The Estonia-Latvia programme supports the project with approximately 3 million euros.


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